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It is a smart helmet that will forever change safety in mining and industry in general.

The result of years and thousands of dollars invested in research, development and innovation for an unparalleled team.
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Discover Angelhelmet

Who we are

We are an engineering company specialized in R&D&I that is dedicated to the design and making of products, systems and installations of high technology.

We are supported by our experience in mining industry as managers of the maintenance of communications and control systems by optical fiber, radio, safety, accesses, control of absences, etc. At the present, we are dedicated exclusively to the development, making and serial marketing to worldwide level of Angelhelmet (Smart integral safety solution).

Angelhelmet has born to transform a passive safety element like a helmet (essential as much in the industry as in the mining), into a container of a system that incorporates technological developments in order to increase the workers safety radically. Besides, it will lead to an increase in the managing company's profitability because of its full control over the workflow, tasks and equipment.

Management team

  • José Manuel Grande
    Financial manager
  • Darío García
    CEO of the company
  • Fco. Jose Marcelo
    Technical Manager
  • Inmaculada Jiménez
    Administration Department
  • Elisabeth Pérez
    Communication Department
  • Laura Galán
    Human resources Department
  • Javier Martín
    Technical Analyst Engineer
  • Jorge Grande Garcia
    Commercial Department
  • Juan Miguel Caro
    Technical Analyst Engineer HL

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Extent of Angelhelmet shown in two minutes

At first sight, it might seem a simple helmet, But the technology inside (totally innovative) makes it more like a smart computer. It has been reinvented with an only aim: saving lives. It contains detecting systems of motion, impact and active and passive location, beside communication systems, location... . The most advanced technology to change forever the safety of all men and women working underground or in the most dangerous industries

The following video you can see two quick presentations according to the selected language "Meet Jim" or "Close your eyes", and under its main features

Main features

These are some of technical characteristics that make Angelhelmet a revolutionary tool for the safety of workers in the most dangerous industries.


Icono descriptivo 1.- Atmospheric Quality's detection

By means a sensor system (gas detector). Angelhelmet is able to analyze the quality of air and notice if it is harmful for the worker.

Icono descriptivo 2.- Motion detection and physical activity

It detects if the worker is inmobile, possible fainting and it also notices to the control panel automatically, (system of dead men).

Icono descriptivo 3.- Detection of impact

Detects an impact on the operator's head and studies its direction and intensity in G, if the operator is in danger or does not react, the device notifies the control room automatically.

Icono descriptivo 4.- Active indoor or underground location

System that locates in real time to the operator in places without GPS, by radio and it monitors it without limits of depth.

Icono descriptivo 5.- Active location by GPS

It's system that locates and positions in real time to the operator located outside, with GPS coverage, anywhere in the world..

Icono descriptivo 6.- Passive location

It is a radio system by means of which the rescue brigade can locate one or more workers after a fire, smoke,... . This system does not need power to operate, and is operational for 10 years.

Icono descriptivo 7.- Emergency call, and alerts

It has the possibility of emergency call of voice to control room, another worker or any telephone of the world, with free hands. The device also alerts by vibration, light and sound interactively to the worker from any danger.

Icono descriptivo 8.- Communication by text message

Secure bi-directional communication indoors or outdoors with the control room via text messaging.

Icono descriptivo 9.- Interactive and intelligent system

Interactive, intelligent and extremely fast control system capable of reviewing the worker's environment 1000 times per second. The control of each Angelhelmet unit can make decisions according to the perceived environment, and if it understands that the worker is in danger, it will be in charge of requesting help from the control room and communicating the event to its companions.

Icono descriptivo 10.- Sistema de S.O.S. With emergency signaling lighting

System of urgent shipment of S.O.S. to the control room by the push of a button, indicating by illumination of high power the operator in trouble

With many more functions if the solution is managed using the RTLS Angelhelmet Software

1.-We will be able to see the workers moving by the planes in the exterior or underground

2.-We will be able to see, in real time, the data of the units, to see the quality of the atmosphere for each user, its life time, its battery...

3.-We can send an emergency text message to one or several workers, which makes an evacuation safe and fast.

4.-We can program alarms of zones, the system alert of entrance, exit or stay in zones of unauthorized workers.

5.-We can manage emergency voice calls, the system allows two-way hands-free or connect a worker with a telephone.

6.-We have registration of all events in history, in this way everything that happens can be consulted later.

7.-We can control and manage routes, the system can generate route reports, can tell us that operators made a route, how long, when they started, when they finished...

8.-We can have login management for coordination of security and tasks in control room.

9.-We can have the management of alarms and reception of messages of security in real time, with alarms differentiated or multiple.

10.-Programming of several or all units, assignment of units to workers, modification of thresholds, programming of alarm parameters, etc.

11.-Optimization of the resources of the company to have real-time positioning.

...and much more.


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